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A little about the photographer

I am an amateur photographer from Russia, I have been doing photography since 2013, but with long breaks.

Until 2000, I did not sell a single photo. there was no purpose to do this, now I decided to make my own small shop and shoot specifically for him, since this can bring me money, it will be an incentive for me to shoot more and process better.

Now I have accumulated a lot of photos, but I can only put up some of them for sale, unfortunately for many good photos I did not take releases from models, and now it is very difficult to do this.

I like several directions in photography, this is street photography, photography of holidays and public events, unusual (the emphasis is on this) subject photography and of course girls.

I like to make portraits of women and photograph nude and semi-nude girls, I even consider myself a nude photographer because these shoots take up most of all other shoots.

Now I'm starting to master another direction - eerie and mystical shots, fear and horror in photographs, but I don’t know how well it will turn out, how interesting it will be and how much it will be in demand among buyers.

Thank you for visiting my site, write me your wishes in feedback.

Best regards, Alexander from Russia.